Artistic Process

A day in the life, at Card Happening.
At Card Happening every card is hand-painted with artistic 'Umph'! We use thick watercolor paper and high quality acrylic paint to give the cards their painterly texture.  This versatile medium allows for watercolor effects, fluid consistency and most importantly vibrant colors!
Our process begins with a giant sheet of paper. We paint the paper in our studio using handmade tools and a unique scraping technique. After the painting has dried we use state-of-the-art lasers to cut out our designs! All of the designs are originally hand-drawn and then uploaded onto the computer so they can be used by the laser. 
My favorite part of the process is the surprise of seeing what the cutouts look like! We always know the shape that the laser is going to cut, but because all of our cards are hand-painted, the paint job on the final cutouts is always one-of-a-kind!
Hand-painted t-rex cut outs
After we have the cut outs, we attach them on top of our final background sheets. The background sheets we use are also all hand-painted. Finally we add all text to the designs and then send them to their new owners!